Thursday, February 12, 2015

Richard III: Dramatis Personae

Now is the Cast List of our seventh show
Available for everyone to see.
So get excited, memorize their names,
And for more on them, bookmark this our blog.
For we will post not only their headshots,
But their opinions, anecdotes, and quips,
Facts, figures, all that you might want to know
To tide you over 'til March brings our show.

Hamlet Isn't Dead Presents: 

Richard III

Directed by Brian Gillespie


Jarret Kerr as Richard III

Samantha Maurice as Queen Elizabeth

David Andrew Laws as Buckingham

Morgan Hooper as Clarence, Rivers, & Richmond

Sara Group as Anne, Prince Edward, & Catesby

Laura Iris Hill as Margaret & Prince of York

Perry Lewis as Stanley, Mayor, & First Murderer

Jim Cairl as Brakenbury, King Edward, Cardinal, & Ratcliff

Travis Klemm as Hastings, Second Murderer, Tyrell, & Blunt

As you can see, some faces are quite new,
While others are familiar as can be.
So mark your calendars and come along
To watch King Dickie's rise and well-earn'd fall.
Come see the puppet-master pull the strings
Of ev'ry man, each woman and each child.
Watch war resolv'd re-mount his horrid steed
And love and hate and life and all that stuff.

Our story opens on the first of Spring.
For more, scroll down, and click on everything.

Ticket information will be coming soon. Performance dates are:
March 20th - April 4th at 55 Bethune St., New York, NY

For a full list of dates and times, visit 

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